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Our Services

Leadership Development

to anchor your employees in open dialogue - dialogue with themselves, with management, and within teams so the authentic confidence to live and perform courageously inside your organization is encouraged and fostered.

Restructuring Coaching

for those anticipating career changes, restructuring, organization realignment, or the need to create a graceful exit strategy.

Onboarding, Promotions, and Transfers

to ensure the success of new hires, facilitate sustainable orientation learnings, and expertly support delicate transitions.

Hogan Inventory Assessments

to measure and assist with internal, high potential leadership and career development, employee transition, onboarding, and growth. Click here to learn more.

Corporate Sponsored Retainers

In order to succeed, companies must invest in their greatest assets - their people. When you work with The Driver Group, you learn how to effectively deal with uncertainty and isolation in your organization by implementing a coaching culture that creates personal commitment and employee engagement, ensuring retention in the workforce. 

Professional, high potential leaders consider engagements for themselves and their people.

A La Carte

Not just for corporate leaders, our individual coaching engagements assist independent professionals to unearth breakthroughs in personal and professional development.

By exploring core values, uncovering disconnects, and developing tools to embrace shifts and reach potential, individuals can define their authentic voices as a route to living their lives deliberately, intentionally, purposefully. Ongoing work with The Driver Group fosters "ah ha!" moments and enables individuals to steer the varied components of their lives in a unique, integrated manner.

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