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Michael Knouse

Michael Knouse is an executive performance coach. He helps impact-focused leaders unlock their potential and do more meaningful work, without pushing so hard.

Michael draws on 25+ years of experience as a software sales executive, startup business development leader, and executive/performance coach, to support his clients with cultivating deeper resilience, reducing drama, and performing with greater ease and flow. Michael coaches executives and leaders across the globe in one-on-one, group, and team

Michael supports executives, leaders, and their teams with:

  • Work-life integration
  • Individual and team performance enhancement
  • Deepening self awareness
  • Increasing transparency and earned trust
  • Navigating healthy conflict
  • Establishing a culture of impeccable accountability
  • Minimizing drama
  • Increasing vitality and resilience while reducing overwhelm and burnout
  • Creating a values-based leadership mission and identity

When he’s not coaching his clients on to victory, Michael can be found exploring the trails of the Pacific Northwest, shredding steeps on powder days, and adventuring with his wife Jill and their two lovable dogs (Dug and Addiebelle).

For more information, you can reach Michael at:


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