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Mary-Beth’s Testimonials

Why work with

"My time with Mary-Beth changed my life. Through an executive coaching engagement she helped me work on my leadership skills and how I show up to my team, from personal style to critical conversations. Mary-Beth understands how corporate environments work and how to develop the tools needed to navigate complex situations. She tailored my coaching to my individual needs and leveraged assessments, books and best practices along the way. An investment with Mary-Beth is worth every minute. I'm confident that what I learned during our coaching will stay with me well beyond our engagement."

Meghan Marks
Vice President of Marketing

"Mary-Beth beat every expectation I had for an executive coach. Mary-Beth leveraged her vast knowledge and experience in executive team relationships, behavioral insight, psychology, and business overall, to understand my situation, challenge my assumptions, and resolve many blind-spots resulting in helping me attain my goals.
Specifically, Mary-Beth was essential in achieving my promotion to Vice President of Global Customer Support at Jive Software. My coaching sessions with her led me to understand and fix key behavioral patterns that had stalled my career progression and were preventing me from being more effective in my interactions with other executives and in my job overall."

Kevin Williams
Jive Software

“Working with Mary-Beth has made a major impact on several levels – ranging from navigating difficult situations at the workplace and opening my eyes to new ways of communication and framing situations.  I feel as if it’s much easier to stay focused on what is most important and avoid being distracted by things that don’t matter in the bigger picture.”

Ashley Todd
Jive Software

"We go to college at 18, often knowing little about ourselves. We pick a major and graduate. That major and our first job steer us into a career that could be where we spend our lives - all based on a decision made at 18. If at some point you realize that your career is paying the bills, but you're miserable, what do you do? Personally, I was at a loss. I did not have the tools to extricate myself from a 25-year career, nor did I know where to go if I did manage to leave. Mary-Beth has those tools. She helped me mentally get ready to leave my job while investigating other careers and opportunities. It's a scary process, and I wasn't getting it done on my own. I got it done with Mary-Beth. She has been invaluable."

Nancy Rachel
Author & Consultant

“Mentor, great manager, stays close enough but doesn’t micro-manage.”

“Mary Beth’s experience, insight into individual and interpersonal dynamics, and robust set of tools and resources have been extremely valuable in helping me identify and capitalize on my strengths, manage and address my weak spots, and build relationships and rapport with colleagues and clients. She’s encouraged me to dig deep into the “why” behind my statements and actions, to clarify my objectives, and to develop and use new communication strategies. Overwhelmingly, I’ve received positive feedback from my colleagues – including my boss - on how the work I’ve done with Mary Beth has made me a better leader, team player and professional”

Laura Kreofsky
Vice President
Pivot Point Consulting

"Mary-Beth is an exceptional executive coach, possessing a deep understanding of social dynamics and strengths that enable her to quickly establish trust, understand your challenges and drive professional growth.


During our coaching sessions, she asked hard questions, kept me accountable and pushed me to see things from a fresh perspective. She helped me improve my communication skills, embrace my strengths and overcome my under pressure behaviors. She had an immediate and meaningful impact, resulting in a greater contribution to my teams and a promotion to Vice President of Sales & Customer Success."


Trevor Wichmann
Vice President, Sales & Customer Success
Skyward, A Verizon company

"Mary Beth and I worked together for over 2 years on my own executive coaching as well as for the growth of key members of my team. I couldn't have been more happy with the results. She has a great combination of approach-ability, knowledge, wisdom, and professionalism that makes her very easy to work with and yields great results. Our time together was instrumental in the movement of my career and my evolution as an executive. I couldn't recommend Mary-Beth more highly."

Mike Westlund, VP IT
Jive Software

“Strong intuition and instincts and acts on them [with a] strong sense of human dynamics.”

“Exceptional! After 30 years of corporate America I found myself stalled in many areas. Although living my dream, I wasn’t thriving. Never having executive coaching before, I wasnt sure what to expect, and admittedly, I was a little skeptical. In short order, Mary-Beth worked with me and I found myself realigning to the important things for me and my life, both professionally and personally.  Her ability to dig down into root cause areas and to motivate and inspire are incredible. Mary-Beth is a true professional and a master in her areas of expertise.  Every few days I find myself reflecting on our work and it energizes me every time. Without hesitation, I endorse and recommend Mary-Beth for her abilities, expertise, and profession. Shes exceptional and powerful at what she does, and she loves her work.” 

Tony Zielinski
Director of IT
Alaska Communication Systems

“My whole life has begun to shift as a result of my time spent with Mary-Beth. I was at a crossroads when I met her and wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take. Her expertise and gentle approach allowed me to tease through some of my issues and move forward in a way that I don’t think I would have done without her. She is a constant source of inspiration as I navigate my new path and uncover the possibilities!”

Kathy Peterson
Arnerich Massena

"I have been a client of Mary-Beth Frerichs at the Driver Group since 2012. Her executive coaching has led to transformational results for leaders in my organizations, both professionally and personally. Her approach centers on each individual's goals for growth, creating high levels of trust and accountability so they will exceed their own expectations and deliver a very positive ROI to their company."

Susy Dunn
Chief People Officer

I just had my 6th anniversary at my job which had me reflecting on my current CEO leadership, etc. You crossed my mind because you were the best mentor I have had. I learned so much from you. Thank you so much for helping me.


Your insight, calm, trust, all helps me to this day and how I intereact with candidates and people in general. You had a big impact on me.

Megan Johnson
Executive Search Consultant,
PBR Executive Search
Greater NYC area

"In her staffing role at InFocus, there was none better. Mary-Beth's professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm for HR, was instrumental in my decision to join the company. She possesses a knowledge and passion for her work that was both impressive and memorable.


Her calm, gentle spirit brought dignity, respect and a deep regard for human value to any issue or relationship. I saw this repeated on many occasions at InFocus.

Her silent convictions, self-less acts and genuine kindness, served to elevate everyone around her. She is without a doubt, the best HR professional I've ever encountered."

Stephen Sechrist
Technology Analyst
Meko Co. Ltd.

“I feel as if I hit the lottery of life. My one-year experience of working with Mary-Beth Frerichs was one of the best decisions I have made. She facilitated a much-needed journey of self-reflection and renewal. Her ‘make me stop in my tracks’ questions helped to reaffirm my professional identity and put some order to the nuanced chaos that seems ever present. As a result, I learned to be a better advocate for myself. I am feeling a sense of calm that was dormant. It is liberating and affirming.”

Kat Lui, Ph.D.
Professor & People Process Culture Chair University of Wisconsin Stout

“Mary-Beth is professional, manages confidential information extremely well, asserts herself yet with grace.”

“Mary-Beth is a deep listener with a great deal of empathy. In working with her, I felt heard and respected, never judged. Our work was critical for me in making some life choices, yet I never felt pushed or guided in one direction or another. As a facilitator of personal thought and development, Mary-Beth asked questions which allowed me to see my own walls and then open as many doors and windows as possible so that I could find my own way out. In the end, I feel empowered to have made the right choices for my growth, which in turn created more confidence and personal satisfaction.”

Pam Wasson
Human Resources Consultant
Salem Health
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