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"Seeing, feeling, and hearing others being validated is the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever known."
Mary-Beth Frerichs

Are you
ready to develop your
leadership skills?

Coaching enhances decision making skills, greater confidence, and executive presence.

Are you
seeking a
competitive edge?

An executive coach guides your commitment to enhancing your competitive edge and effectiveness.

Are you
looking for an objective
confidential 3rd party?

The coaching experience brings a fresh perspective on challenges and opportunities.

Are you

A coaching engagement helps you embrace your new role with success.

The Driver Group provides coaching to professional individuals and teams curious to uncover their blind spots and leverage their work purpose, particularly in challenging times.

Partner with an executive coach to assist you in clearing out the old to make room for the new. Igniting a thriving and sustainable passion for your next professional step.

Why Mary-Beth Frerichs?
When people are ready, a teacher appears.

Mary-Beth engages with you in the spirit of collaboration to facilitate clarity with a curious mind and to ask big picture questions to tackle tough issues.

Partner with a coach to ensure a clear vision to create a passionate life.

We're equal partners

Mary-Beth connects & collaborates
with you to encourage a shift
to maximize individual potential.

We'll work through a
dynamic discovery process

to uncover core or coachable
issues that ground the client-generated
agenda for change.

We'll facilitate learning

by effectively positioning you
as you make your way
through a series of steps.

This unique approach is

designed to cultivate realistic
goal setting  to enable inspired
growth & solid future planning.

Mary-Beth's Promise

Mary-Beth's approach not only helps you dive into the heart of actual challenges you face, but offers in-depth exploration of your motivations, values, and preferences, enabling you to gain new insights about your personal/professional narrative.

Her skilled, empathic ability

allows her to offer non-judgmental support, guiding you towards effective tools so that you may build your future and be accountable to your action plans – GUARANTEED!

Core Values



About relationship dynamics



Live intentionally with backbone & heart



High personal regard for self and other



Zest for a
passionate life!



There's enough passion for everyone 

When you work with
The Driver Group, you
become your personal best.

You gain assistance with your next big step, discover your success anchors relevant to your professional goals, develop skills to remove the noise of others' opinions (which often drown out your own inner voice), and, in effect, become empowered to courageously follow your heart and intuition leading to a fully engaged life aligned with your values, your vision.

Our Success Stories

Kevin Williams

Jive Software

"Mary-Beth beat every expectation I had for an executive coach. Mary-Beth leveraged her vast knowledge and experience in executive team relationships, behavioral insight, psychology, and business overall, to understand my situation, challenge my assumptions, and resolve many blind-spots resulting in helping me attain my goals.

Specifically, Mary-Beth was essential in achieving my promotion to Vice President of Global Customer Support at Jive Software. My coaching sessions with her led me to understand and fix key behavioral patterns that had stalled my career progression and were preventing me from being more effective in my interactions with other executives and in my job overall."

Trevor Wichmann

Vice President,
Sales & Customer Success
Skyward, A Verizon company

"Mary-Beth is an exceptional executive coach, possessing a deep understanding of social dynamics and strengths that enable her to quickly establish trust, understand your challenges and drive professional growth.

During our coaching sessions, she asked hard questions, kept me accountable and pushed me to see things from a fresh perspective. She helped me improve my communication skills, embrace my strengths and overcome my under pressure behaviors. She had an immediate and meaningful impact, resulting in a greater contribution to my teams and a promotion to Vice President of Sales & Customer Success."

Susy Dunn

Chief People Officer

"I have been a client of Mary-Beth Frerichs at the Driver Group since 2012. Her executive coaching has led to transformational results for leaders in my organizations, both professionally and personally. Her approach centers on each individual's goals for growth, creating high levels of trust and accountability so they will exceed their own expectations and deliver very a positive ROI to their company."

The Driver Group is located in Portland, Oregon, and works with clients representing a variety of industries and professionals positioned all over the world

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