“I feel as if I hit the lottery of life. My one-year experience of working with Mary-Beth Frerichs was one of the best decisions I have made. She facilitated a much needed journey of self-reflection and renewal. Her ‘make me stop in my tracks’ questions helped to reaffirm my professional identity and put some order to the nuanced chaos that seems ever present. As a result, I learned to be a better advocate for myself. I am feeling a sense of calm that was dormant. It is liberating and affirming.”
—Kat Lui, Ph.D., Professor & Cervenka People Process Culture Chair, University of Wisconsin – Stout.

“My whole life has begun to shift as a result of my time spent with Mary-Beth. I was at a crossroads when I met her and wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take. Her expertise and gentle approach allowed me to tease through some of my issues and move forward in a way that I don’t think I would have done without her. She is a constant source of inspiration as I navigate my new path and uncover the possibilities!”
—Kathy Peterson, Retirement Plan Administrator

“I began working with Mary-Beth after experiencing a difficult job transition that left me feeling rudderless and unsure of how to move forward. She intuitively understood my need to craft an authentic vision of the role of work at this stage of my life—both personally and professionally. Mary-Beth’s supportive process helped me dig deeply to identify and address presumptions and roadblocks that narrowed my thinking. Through our work together I reconnected with a sense of purposefulness that has been critical to articulating my core strengths and talents with renewed hope.”
—Carol E. Hickman, Consultant

“Mary-Beth is a deep listener with a great deal of empathy. In working with her, I felt heard and respected, never judged. Our work was critical for me in making some life choices, yet I never felt pushed or guided in one direction or another. As a facilitator of personal thought and development, Mary-Beth asked questions which allowed me to see my own walls and then open as many doors and windows as possible so that I could find my own way out. In the end, I feel empowered to have made the right choices for my growth, which in turn created more confidence and personal satisfaction.”
—Pam Wasson, Human Resources Consultant

“Exceptional! After 30 years of corporate America I found myself stalled in many areas. Although living my dream, I wasn’t “thriving”. Having worked in my current role for seven years I was wondering if it wasn’t time for another change. One of my senior colleagues recommended I speak to Mary-Beth and see if we had a mutual interest - and if so, consider working together for professional and personal alignment. Never having executive coaching before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and admittedly, I was a little skeptical. In short order, Mary-Beth worked with me and I found myself realigning to the important things for me and my life, both professionally and personally. Her ability to dig down into root cause areas and to motivate and inspire are incredible. She brought out powerful and insightful history in my own life that I knew about, but honestly didn’t understand how it shaped me. Mary-Beth is a true professional and a master in her areas of expertise. It’s been a few months since I worked with her and I am still speaking to my colleagues about the value-add she has brought me. Every few days I find myself reflecting on our work and it energizes me every time. Without hesitation, I endorse and recommend Mary-Beth for her abilities, expertise, and profession. She’s exceptional and powerful at what she does, and she loves her work.”
—Tony Zielinski, Director, Information Technology

“Mary-Beth is professional, manages confidential information extremely well, asserts herself yet with grace.”

“Strong intuition and instincts and acts on them… [with a] strong sense of human dynamics.”

“Mentor, great manager, stays close enough but doesn’t micro-manage.”