The Driver Group, LLC

The Driver Group provides coaching to professional individuals and teams curious to discover and uncover their work purpose particularly in challenging times of transition. Skilled coaches assist you in clearing out the old to make room for the new so you are able to ignite a thriving, sustainable passion for your next professional chapter.

The Driver Group’s coaches engage with you in the spirit of collaboration—to facilitate clarity with a curious mind, ask big picture questions, tackle tough issues, uncover competing commitments that ensure a clear vision—all to help you evolve to design the life you are passionate about living.

Core Values

  • Curiosity: About relationship dynamics
  • Courage: Live intentionally with backbone and heart
  • Respect: High personal regard for self and others
  • Vitality: Zest for a passionate life!
  • Abundance: There’s enough for everyone
Our approach not only helps you dive into the heart of actual challenges you face, but offers in-depth exploration of your motivations, values, preferences, enabling you to gain new insights about your personal/professional narrative. Our skilled, empathic ability allows us to offer non-judgmental support, guiding you towards effective tools so that you may build your future and be accountable to your action plans.

When you work with The Driver Group, you become your personal best, gain assistance with your next big step, discover your success anchors relevant to your professional goals, develop skills to remove the noise of others’ opinions (which often drown out your own inner voice), and, in effect, become empowered to courageously follow your heart and intuition leading to a fully engaged life aligned with your values, your vision.

The Driver Group is located in Portland, Oregon, and works with clients representing a variety of industries and professionals positioned all over the world.