The Coaching Process

The Driver Group's coaches connect and collaborate with our clients to encourage a shift to maximize individual potential. Our role as equal partner engaged in rigorous examination assists people in drawing out their self-awareness and internal resiliency. Together with our clients, we work through a dynamic discovery process to uncover core or coachable issues that ground the client-generated agenda for change. Once defined, we facilitate learning by effectively positioning our clients as they make their way through a series of steps. This unique approach is designed to cultivate realistic goal setting to enable inspired growth and solid future planning.

The philosophy of this coaching process is not a typical consultant’s approach to quickly solve problems. Each individual client creates his or her own parameters for success. Our coaches have vast corporate experience coupled with keen insight which allows for individual challenges to be seen as opportunities for professional growth.

What clients can expect from working with The Driver Group’s coaches:

• Initial Meeting—Discovering Chemistry, Fit
• Our Coaching Engagement—Defining Clarity, Focus
• Coaching Outcomes—Removing Obstacles, Setting Commitments
• Your Plan—Creating, Building, Executing Road Map
• Future Path—Cultivating Learnings, Embracing the New